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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 08/2015

No provisions.


A participant's living arrangement does not affect eligibility for special needs payments for representative payee services. See 0023.21 (Representative Payee Services). Participants living in group residential housing (GRH), nursing homes, or regional treatment centers are not eligible for any other special needs payments.

Clients may have a special needs payment for certain items added to their assistance standard. See 0020.21 (MSA Assistance Standards), 0023.12 (Special Diets), 0023.15 (Guardian or Conservator Fees), 0023.18 (Restaurant Meals), 0023.21 (Representative Payee Services), 0023.24 (MSA Housing Assistance).

Clients may be eligible for a separate special need payment for home repairs, or for furniture and appliances. See 0023.06 (Home Repair), 0023.09 (Household Furnishings and Appliances). Usually, the county agency must approve these payments before the client incurs the cost. A client incurring an expense outside of working hours because of an emergency may contact the agency on the next working day to request help. County agencies must have written procedures for making special need payments. They must keep a record of requests for assistance and the disposition of each request. Clients must request special need payments in writing. County agencies may require clients to verify the need for an item. If a client is on vendor or protective payee status, pay the vendor directly. See 0024.09 (Protective and Vendor Payments). In other cases, issue the payment directly to the client or as a vendor payment. Also see TEMP Manual TE02.08.035 (How to Issue Special Needs Payments) for information on how to issue special needs payments.


No provisions. See 0004 (Emergencies), 0028.16 (Support Services).


No provisions. For when to allow income deductions for special needs payments, see 0018.39 (Prior and Other Income Reductions).

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