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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 10/2017

Also see TEMP Manual TE02.08.035 (How to Issue Special Needs Payments).


No provisions.


A special need allowance for a special diet may be paid to MSA clients who are not residents of a nursing home, regional treatment center, or group residential housing facility.

Add an amount for special diet requirements to the monthly assistance standard. See below for the amount to add for a specific diet.

A licensed physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or physician assistant must prescribe the special diet(s). Verify the need at each recertification or more often if warranted. Do not require a unit to verify actual food expenditures. Another funding source must not be available to pay the diet costs.

The eligible diets and amounts are:

Anti-dumping diet


Controlled protein diet (40-60 grams and requires special products)


Controlled protein diet (less than 40 grams and requires special products)


Gluten free diet


High protein diet (minimum 80 grams/day)


High residue diet


Hypoglycemic diet


Ketogenic diet


Lactose free diet


Low cholesterol diet


Pregnancy and lactation diet


When a client requests a payment for more than 1 diet, use the following guidelines to determine payment:

If the recommended diets overlap one another with respect to their dietary components, allow the amount indicated for the more costly of the diets.

If there is no overlap in the recommended dietary components of the prescribed diets, allow the total for all the prescribed diets.

If a doctor prescribed diets which are mutually exclusive, do NOT allow either until adequate clarification has been received from the doctor who prescribed both diets.

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