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ISSUE DATE: 07/2017

See 0024.09 (Protective and Vendor Payments) for general provisions and MFIP provisions.


See 0024.09 (Protective and Vendor Payments).


SNAP cash-out benefits may go to alternate payees, and counties may use protective payments for them.

Also, participants may, or in some cases must, have an authorized representative. See 0005.06 (Authorized Representatives).


Use vendor payments only in the following situations:

At the client's or representative payee's request.

When there is an emergency need and it is the most appropriate method to resolve the emergency. See 0004 (Emergencies).

To use special need funds (other than for special diets). See 0023 (Special Needs Payments).

Use protective payee payments when there is evidence that the client cannot manage income to meet necessary expenditures. Evidence includes:

Not being properly fed or clothed.

Repeated failure to meet obligations for rent, utilities, food, or other essentials.

Repeated instances of lost or stolen warrants.

The determination of representative payment by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for the client is sufficient reason for protective payment of MSA.


Use alternative payment methods in the following situations:

When you determine clients have exhibited a continuing pattern of money mismanagement, issue vendor or protective payments.

EGA payments must be in the form of vouchers or vendor payments, unless you determine that a cash grant will better meet the need of the emergency situation. See 0004 (Emergencies).

When a client lives in a nursing home or an Institution of Mental Diseases (IMD), issue vendor payments to the facility on behalf of the client. See 0017.15.06 (Assistance Payments Income), 0017.15.27 (Vendor Payments as Income), 0020.18 (GA Assistance Standards). Also see the Minnesota Health Care Programs Eligibility Policy Manual for more information on IMDs.

When you refer a client for a chemical use assessment, or an assessment indicates the client is drug dependent. See 0012.30 (Chemical Use Assessment), 0024.09.12 (Payments After Chemical Use Assessment).

When clients request in writing that you issue all or part of their assistance in the form of vendor payments and you approve the request.

When you issue benefits to clients based on drug or alcohol addiction. See 0013.15.54 (GA Basis - Drug/Alcohol Addiction).

When a unit contains a member convicted of a drug felony. See 0011.27.03 (Drug Felons).


Monthly payments made on an individual’s behalf for group residential housing are issued as vendor payments.

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