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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

You must consult with clients about selection of the form of payment, or the selection of a protective payee, and the distribution of their assistance payment. Notify the caregiver of the consultation date. If the client fails to respond to the request by the due date, select a protective payee for the client. If clients respond to the request at a later date, they retain the right to consult with the agency on the protective payee.

If you have not selected a protective payee by the time benefits are to be issued, issue benefits directly to the client.

Tell caregivers they may appeal use of protective or vendor payments and the selection of the protective payee.

The following people may not serve as protective payees due to possible conflict of interest:

Members of the county board of commissioners or welfare board.

Agency workers who determine the client's eligibility or handle accounting processes related to the client.

Special investigative staff.

The client's landlord, grocer, or other vendor.

County staff members not listed above may serve as protective payees if:

The county agency cannot find an appropriate person to act as protective payee.


The county agency determines using a county staff member as protective payee is in the client's best interest.


SNAP cash-out benefits may go to alternate payees, and counties may use protective payments for them.

Also, participants may, or in some cases must, have an authorized representative. See 0005.06 (Authorized Representatives).


No provisions.

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