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ISSUE DATE: 07/2017

No provisions.


Follow these procedures for payments after you make a referral for chemical use assessment, after a client is assessed as drug dependent, and for any client who asserts drug dependency as a basis for permanent or temporary disability. Also see 0012.30 (Chemical Use Assessment), 0024.09.09 (Discontinuing Protective and Vendor Payments).

You must attempt to vendor pay at least 85% of the grant. On MAXIS, indicate the vendors and the amounts to be vendor paid before the cash cut-off date. Any grant amount that is not vendor paid will be paid to the participant. Do not withhold portions of the grant if you cannot identify vendors. Do not pay the non-vendored portion to a representative payee unless there is an unrelated basis for making payments to a payee, such as money mismanagement.

If the client's basis of eligibility is based on drug or alcohol addiction, you must vendor pay the shelter and utilities, and issue the remainder of the benefits to the client. See 0013.15.54 (GA Basis - Drug/Alcohol Addiction).

When an assessment determines that the client is not chemically dependent, start monthly payment again, beginning with the month following the decision.

For notice provisions, see 0026.51 (Notices - Chemical Use Assessment).

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