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ISSUE DATE: 02/2001

Some overpayments are exempt from recovery. See 0025.12.03 (Overpayments Exempt From Recovery). For overpayments that are not exempt from recovery, follow the provisions below.

Before pursuing recovery, notify people of their repayment amount. See 0026.39 (Notice of Overpayment and Recoupment).

Do not recover more than the amount of the overpayment. If the county agency recovers more than the overpayment amount, give the participant a refund.

Consider clients to be participants even if recoupment reduces the benefit to $0.

Pursue recovery in this order:


Offset overpayments by underpayments. See 0025.09 (Correcting Underpayments).


Ask the client to voluntarily repay the overpayment in full or to sign a voluntary repayment agreement. See 0025.21.03 (Overpayment Repayment Agreement). Notify the client when recoupment will begin. Do not wait for the unit to respond to the request for voluntary repayment. Begin recoupment as soon as notice requirements permit.


Begin recoupment. Continue until the client repays the overpayment. For court-determined fraud overpayments, notify court services when recoupment begins and ends.

For information on the amount to recoup, see 0025.21.15.03 (Amount to Recoup).

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