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ISSUE DATE: 04/2016

The National SNAP Fraud Electronic Disqualified Recipient System (eDRS) is a system run by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). It tracks clients who have been disqualified from SNAP across the nation for violating SNAP program rules.

Workers must request information via the MAXIS/eDRS interface to receive information about people disqualified from receiving SNAP due to a fraud disqualification in another state. This request must be made for all assistance unit members age 18 and older at application, recertification and when a member is added to the assistance unit.

If a match is found, contact the disqualifying state. If a verbal confirmation is received from the other state, do not issue state benefits. Request a copy of the IPV documentation from the other state (this may include ADH decision, signed waiver, court decision). If documentation of the IPV is not received within 20 days follow up with the state contact and document the outcome.
For both open and closed cases, follow the steps outlined in TEMP Manual TE02.08.127 (SNAP eDRS). These steps need to be completed so the client will not receive any food benefits they are not eligible for in the future.


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