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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

A cash cut-off notice is a notice sent by MAXIS by the cash cut-off date, which is generally 4 working days before the end of the month.

Give a cash cut-off notice when:

The payee dies and no other relative will be payee.

A participant asks in writing to end assistance.

You receive factual information to reduce, suspend, or terminate assistance based on failure to report changes timely.

You disqualify a person and/or reduce or terminate the grant due to a fraud conviction by a court or an Administrative Disqualification Hearing. This is true whether or not the date a court sets allows for an earlier notice. Send the client the Notice of Program Disqualification (DHS-3134) (PDF) as well as the MAXIS-generated cash cut-off notice. See 0025.24.06 (Disqualification for Fraud).

You have received verification that a member of the assistance unit has entered a regional treatment center or a licensed residential facility for medical or psychological treatment or rehabilitation.

You have received verification that a member of the assistance unit has been removed from the home as a result of a judicial determination or placed in foster care, and temporary absence does not apply. See 0014.09 (Assistance Units - Temporary Absence).

You cannot locate the caregiver.

For the definition of CASH CUT-OFF NOTICE, see 0002.09 (Glossary: Calendar Month...). The cash cut-off date is on the monthly Production Calendar located on the MAXIS SIR web site under System Availability.


No provisions.

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