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ISSUE DATE: 01/2015

This notice allows a caregiver to make a written request for closure after cash cut-off but before the 1st of the next payment month. It is likely most requests for case closings will not fall within this short amount of time, but it is important to allow caregivers to have their cases canceled as soon as possible.

Inform applicants and participants you must receive a written request for closure no later than the last day of a month when they want to have their assistance terminated for the next month.

A voluntary request for closure notice does not have to be mailed by the last day of the month, but it must be mailed within the month of cancellation. MAXIS will mail the notice after ineligible results are approved.

In addition to a notice of closure, officially closing a case due to a voluntary request will require the following:

If benefits are issued via EBT, participants must be informed they must not access benefits issued for the month of cancellation.

Direct deposit benefits may be returned via Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Vendored warrants must be returned uncashed. The participant must make arrangements with the vendor to return the vendor’s warrant uncashed.

For GA and MSA participants, the county must seek the return of vendored payments rather than the participant.

For payments via warrant, the participant must return the warrant uncashed.

Contact BENE to have the benefits returned by the 14th of the cancellation month. See TEMP Manual TE02.10.80 (Voluntary Request for Closure) for MAXIS procedures.

Create and approve ineligible results in MAXIS. Update the TIME panel for MFIP cases to show non-participation.

Review eligibility for other programs.


No provisions.

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