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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

A mass change is a change caused by a federal or state policy which affects all or many clients. Common types of mass changes are adjustments in assistance standards and changes in allowable deductions.


Treat mass changes the same as any other change.


For benefit changes due entirely to federal changes in the following items, notify clients of the change before the benefit issuance date:

The Thrifty Food Plan. See 0022.12.01 (How to Calculate Benefit Level - SNAP/MSA/GRH).

The standard disregard. See 0018.21 (Standard Disregard).

The shelter deduction. See 0018.15 (Shelter Deduction).

The dependent care deduction. See 0018.09 (Dependent Care Deduction).

The income eligibility standards. See 0020.12 (SNAP Assistance Standards).

It is not necessary to use personalized notices. For example, posters in certification offices or a mailed general notice to all affected clients are sufficient.

For all other benefit changes due to a mass change, notify clients prior to their benefit issuance date. The notice must include the information in 0026.03 (Content of Notices). It is not necessary to use personalized notices or include the client's new benefit level. Do include an example of the effect of the change on benefits. This provision applies to benefit changes due to cost-of-living adjustments to SSI, RSDI, VA, or other programs under Title 38 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations and the Black Lung Program. See 0022.03 (How and When to Use Prospective Budgeting), 0022.06 (How and When to Use Retrospective Budgeting).

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