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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 09/2016

A client may claim good cause for not cooperating with IV D. See 0012.21.06 (Child Support Good Cause Exemptions). When a good cause claim is denied by a joint IV-A/IV-D committee, notify the client of these options:

To cooperate with the IV-D agency.

To withdraw the entire application.

To appeal the decision.

To refuse to cooperate and have the unit's grant reduced by a percentage of the Transitional Standard.

The notice must also have the information given in 0026.03 (Content of Notices).

Clients may choose to refuse to cooperate and have their unit's grant reduced by 30% of the Transitional Standard. See 0012.21 (Responsible Relatives Not in the Home).

See 0028.30 (Sanctions for Failure to Comply - Cash) and 0028.30.03 (Pre 60-Month Type/Length of ES Sanctions) for how to sanction a case that has child support and an additional sanction(s) at the same time.


Follow MFIP. However, disqualify any family unit that includes a participant who fails to comply with DWP Child Support Enforcement requirements, without good cause. Provide written notice to the participant prior to disqualifying the family unit. The disqualification does not apply to SNAP.

A participant who has been disqualified from DWP due to noncooperation with Child Support may regain eligibility by complying with Child Support requirements. Once a family unit has been reinstated, issue prorated benefits for the remaining portion of the month.

See 0028.30 (Sanctions for Failure to Comply - Cash) for sanction information.


No provisions.


No provisions; however, MSA clients must follow MA requirements to maintain automatic eligibility for MA. See the Minnesota Health Care Programs Eligibility Policy Manual.

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