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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

At application and recertification, notify clients of the Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS).

When an IEVS report differs from the case record, contact the client for verification by generating the IEVS Difference Notice on MAXIS. See 0010.24.06 (Resolving IEVS Matches). Send the notice by using the Verification Log Update (IULA and IULB) panels from REPT/IEVC or INFC/IEVP. The notice contains a release of information form.

The client has 10 days to respond and cooperate with verifying the match information. Clients may provide verification of the income listed in the notice or may sign and return the release of information attached to the notice.

If there is a discrepancy in information, initiate an IEVS Difference Notice. However, if your county agency has written procedures allowing fraud investigators to resolve matches, refer the case to fraud instead of sending the IEVS Difference Notice to the client. The investigator must verify the information within the same time line required of the financial worker.

When the client cooperates, enter the MAXIS code for the client's response.

If you do not enter a code showing cooperation and 10 days have passed, MAXIS produces a message on your DAIL/DAIL. The message tells you to terminate or deny eligibility and create a disqualification (DISQ) panel. The DISQ panel inhibits eligibility.

Refer cases for fraud investigation when an IEVS match results in an overpayment meeting county fraud referral guidelines, or when the client does not cooperate with resolving IEVS matches and there is a potential overpayment as a result of the IEVS match.

When ending, reducing, or denying eligibility as a result of an IEVS match, notify the client using the Notice of Denial, Termination, or Suspension on MAXIS. See 0026.15 (Notice of Denial, Termination or Suspension).


No provisions.

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