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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 06/2012

People who are dissatisfied with county agency decisions can appeal for a review of the matter by the DHS Appeals Office. Most SNAP appeals are decided within 60 days of the date of request for a hearing; other programs within 90 days. Appealable issues are discussed in 0027.03 (Appealable Issues). How to request an appeal is covered in 0027.09 (Appeal Requests).

Appeal rights are covered in 0027.06 (Client Appeal Rights). Also see 0003.09 (Client Rights).

See 0027.12 (Appeal Hearing Process) for appeal hearing procedures. Also, see 0027.18 (Effect of Appeal Decision) for information about how the county agency carries out an appeal decision.

Under the conditions in 0027.15 (Continuation of Benefits), people may continue to receive benefits during the appeal process.

Follow the appeal process regardless of the possibility of fraud.

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