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ISSUE DATE: 05/2018

When a client wins an appeal, calculate and issue any corrective payments. See 0025.09 (Correcting Underpayments).

When a client who continues to receive benefits during the appeal process loses an appeal, stop or change benefits at the next issuance date. No notice is required at this time.

For MFIP, DWP, and SNAP cases, the Appeals Office attaches the Compliance With State Decision (DHS-0666) (PDF) to the appeal decision. Complete and return the form to the SNAP Policy Liaison at DHS Economic Assistance & Employment Supports Division.

If the appeal decision finds the client to be ineligible, calculate the amount the client must repay for all months the client continued to receive benefits. See 0025 (Benefit Adjustments and Recovery).

For MFIP and SNAP claim appeals, if the county wins the appeal, a new demand letter must be sent to the client.

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