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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

Each county agency must provide employment services or contract for employment services with outside providers. County agency administrators must ensure that Employment Services Providers (ESPs) follow employment services program requirements. The county agency is ultimately responsible for the operation of employment services programs and clients' participation in them.

County agency procedures and interactions with ESPs may vary depending on how the county sets up its employment services program. Follow your county's procedures.


Counties must provide ALL required components of MFIP-ES. See 0028.03.03 (Employment Services/SNAP E&T Required Components).

Unless the county has a workforce center or claims financial hardship, each county must offer caregivers a choice of 2 ESPs. The providers, including counties, DO NOT need to be certified by the Commissioner of the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

Counties and providers may employ whatever combination of skilled staff is necessary to provide these services.

Financial workers in all counties must:

Determine who must participate in MFIP-ES. See 0028.06.03 (Who Must Participate in Empl. Services/SNAP E&T).

Refer mandatory caregivers to the MFIP ESP. See 0028.06.03 (Who Must Participate in Empl. Services/SNAP E&T). For information about the referral process, see MFIP Employment Services Manual 5.9 (Referring Participants to ES/Choice of Providers). TEMP Manual TE10.26 (Workforce One), TE10.26.01 (Additional Workforce One Information), TE10.34 (Manual Referral Option For WF1).

Report changes to the job counselor. See 0028.03.09 (Reporting Changes to Job Counselor).

Enter and update MFIP-ES information on the MAXIS STAT/EMPS panel.

Refer caregivers to the child care office and report certain changes to child care staff. See 0029.30 (Child Care Assistance).

Sanction participants when the job counselor decides that they have failed, without good cause, to comply with MFIP-ES requirements. See 0028.18 (Good Cause for Non-Compliance--MFIP/DWP), 0028.30 (Sanctions for Failure to Comply - Cash).


Within 1 working day of determining that the applicant is eligible for DWP, but before benefits are issued to or on behalf of the family unit, refer all caregivers to Employment Services. The referral to DWP Employment Services must be in writing and must contain the following information:

Notification that, as part of the application process, applicants are required to develop an Employment Plan or the DWP application will be denied.


The Employment Services Provider’s name and phone number.


The immediate availability of supportive services, including, but not limited to, child care, transportation, and other work-related aid.


The rights, responsibilities, and obligations of participants in the program, including, but not limited to, the grounds for good cause, the right to equal access under ADA provisions, the consequences of refusing or failing to participate fully with program requirements, and the appeal process.


Employment Plans may not be written for longer than 4 months.


Referral to Employment Services will not occur automatically. The worker must trigger the referral based on county policy. A case-level panel called WORK exists in MAXIS to transmit electronic referrals to Employment Services. When MAXIS creates pending eligibility results for DWP, a DAIL message will be created to inform the financial worker (FW) to refer a DWP participant to Employment Services. From the WORK panel, the FW will select an ES provider to refer the job seeker to. The WORK panel also allows the FW to indicate the date of an appointment with Employment Services as well as a place for worker comments. In 2-parent households, both parents will be referred to Employment Services from the same, case level WORK panel.

MAXIS functionality allows a FW to refer a job seeker to Employment Services before all required verifications have been received. Counties should establish a county-wide policy to address these “early DWP referrals”. If a county approves “early DWP referrals”, the FW can navigate to the WORK panel directly rather than waiting for the DAIL message. If the case has not been referred and the participant has not developed and signed an Employment Plan, the case can not be opened.


See 0028.03.01 (County Agency SNAP E&T Responsibilities).


No provisions.

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