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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2018

Participation requirements for Orientation and Employment Services (ES) differ.

For information on participation requirements for Orientation, see 0028.09 (ES Overview/SNAP E&T Orientation).

For information on participation requirements for Employment Services, see the program provisions below. Also see 0028.06.03 (Who Must Participate in Empl. Services/SNAP E&T), 0028.06.10 (Who Is Exempt From SNAP E&T).


All MFIP caregivers receiving assistance MUST engage in Employment Services, including MFIP caregivers who are disqualified effective 10-1-07 or later due to an intentional program violation, unless they meet the exemption criteria as specified in 0028.06.02 (Universal Participation Provisions).


All eligible caregivers are required to participate in Employment Services.

A 1-parent household that includes a child under 12 months (with no other DWP exclusion reason) which has already used 12 months lifetime ES exemption limit must participate in ES services.

A 2-parent household that includes a child under 12 months, with no other DWP exclusion reason, must participate in DWP. However, if the parents have NOT already used the entire 12 months lifetime limit between them while previously on MFIP or DWP, 1-parent is allowed to claim the child under 12 months ES exemption.


At the time the county agency notifies the household that it is eligible for SNAP, it must notify all time-limited participants subject to work provisions that they can volunteer to participate with the SNAP E&T program each month, and that the participant must attend an orientation if they volunteer.

Some people are required to register for work even though participating in SNAP E&T is voluntary. See 0028.06.12 (Who Is Exempt From SNAP Work Registration).


No provisions.

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