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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2018

Participation requirements for orientation and employment services differ. For information on participation requirements for ES Overview orientation, see 0028.09 (ES Overview/SNAP E&T Orientation), 0028.09.06 (Exemptions From ES Overview/SNAP E&T Orientation).

For information on general participation requirements and when people become mandatory participants for employment services, see 0028.06 (Participation Requirements).


In the first 60 months of MFIP eligibility all caregivers are required to participate in Employment Services (ES). Some caregivers will have a different level of participation which is dependent upon their circumstances. The only possible exceptions to ES participation requirements are good cause or if the caregiver has a child under 12 months or under 6 weeks (depending on the age of the parent and the option used to develop the EP). See 0028.18 (Good Cause For Non-Compliance--MFIP/ DWP), 0028.06.02 (Universal Participation Provisions). For information about ES requirements for extended cases, see 0011.33 (MFIP Hardship Extensions).


Caregivers under age 18 must receive an assessment of educational progress and develop an Employment Plan concurrent with receipt of MFIP assistance. Refer the minor caregiver to the county social worker or the agency with whom your county has contracted to provide minor caregiver services.


Counties must allow 18- and 19-year old teen parents who do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent to choose an EP with either an education option or a work option.

The work option means the EP includes activities under the regular employment services track. The 60-month clock DOES NOT stop for teen parents who choose this option. Under this option earned income DOES count for teens who choose the employment option.

The education option means that the EP includes education requirements (high school or its equivalent). The 60-month clock STOPS for teen parents who choose this option. Plans that include both secondary school attendance and work fall under this option. Under this option income IS NOT counted toward the MFIP grant.

County and Employment Services staff working with 18- and 19-year old parents must explain the option and make specific efforts to inform those who are in sanction for not attending school that there is a way to come into compliance.

Caregivers 18 and 19 years old who choose employment will be federally funded.

Also see 0012.06 (Requirements for Caregivers Under 20).

As soon as eligibility is determined, refer caregivers who must participate to MFIP-ES. Use the Employment Services Referral (DHS-3166) (PDF). NOTE: Applicants who received DWP in the last 30 days must be referred to ES within 10 days of the date they are determined eligible for MFIP.

Sanction the unit when a caregiver refuses to participate in mandatory employment services. See 0028.18.03 (Suitable/Unsuitable Work), 0028.30 (Sanctions for Failure to Comply - Cash), 0028.30.03 (Pre 60-Month Type/Length of ES Sanctions), 0028.30.04 (Post 60-Month Empl. Services Sanctions).


Within 1 working day of determination that the applicant is eligible for DWP, but before benefits are issued to or on behalf of the family unit, refer all caregivers to Employment Services. All eligible caregivers who do not meet the exemption criteria are required to participate in Employment Services. The referral to the DWP Employment Services must be in writing and must contain the following information:

Notification that, as part of the application process, applicants are required to develop an Employment Plan or the DWP application will be denied.

The name and phone number of the Employment Services Provider.

The immediate availability of supportive services, including, but not limited to, child care, transportation, and other work-related aid.

The rights, responsibilities, and obligations of participants in the program, including, but not limited to, the grounds for good cause, the consequences of refusing or failing to participate fully with program requirements, and the appeal process.

As soon as possible, but no later than 10 working days of being notified that a participant is financially eligible for DWP, the Employment Services Provider must provide the participant with an opportunity to meet to develop an initial Employment Plan. The Employment Services Provider must notify the county within 1 working day that the initial Employment Plan has been developed and signed by the participant and the job counselor. The county must issue DWP benefits within 1 working day after receiving notice that the Employment Plan has been signed.

Participation in DWP Employment Services fulfills the requirements for SNAP E&T participation. Once DWP ends, participants may be subject to SNAP E&T requirements.


For information about who is exempt from SNAP E&T services, see 0028.06.10 (Who Is Exempt From SNAP E&T). For information on SNAP Work Registration, see 0028.06.12 (Who Is Exempt From SNAP Work Registration).


No provisions.

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