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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2014

No provisions.


Participants must make satisfactory progress toward their overall employment goals and on the intermediate activities that lead toward those goals. The employment goal, intermediate activities, and standards for satisfactory progress should all be specified in the participant’s Employability Development Plan (EDP).

Mandatory participants are expected to participate in and complete the activities specified in their EDP. When a mandatory participant fails to participate or make satisfactory progress without good cause, the participant will be subject to sanction.

There are no specific state standards for establishing or monitoring satisfactory progress in SNAP E&T. Include other agencies or service organizations who help provide the services specified in the participant’s EDP when establishing satisfactory progress criteria.

In job search, satisfactory progress may include:

Making a set number of employer contacts.

Spending a specific number of hours doing individual employer contacts.

Spending a set number of hours searching want ads or the job bank.

Doing cold-calls to employers completing a specific number of practice interviews.

Attending a set number of individual meetings with the Employment Services Provider (ESP) or group meetings with a job club.

Frequent contact between participants and staff to coordinate workshops and job search activities will help ensure that job search requirements are met.

The need for monitoring job search progress will differ depending on the activities in the EDP and the individual participant. Possible methods of monitoring include, but are not limited to: job logs; requiring verification of contacts or copies of completed applications; and calling personnel offices to verify that participants have applied and/or interviewed.

When appropriate, you may also wish to get feedback from employers after an interview is completed.

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