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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 01/2015

For information on whether or not to sanction clients, see 0028.06.10 (Who Is Exempt From SNAP E&T), 0028.20 (Failure to Comply - SNAP E&T). For information on sanctions for refusing or quitting suitable employment, see 0028.18.03 (Suitable/Unsuitable Work), 0028.30.09 (Refusing or Terminating Employment). For information on drug felony sanctions, see 0011.27.03 (Drug Felons), 0011.27.03.01 (Drug Felons - SNAP).


See 0028.30.03 (Pre 60-Month Type/Length of ES Sanctions), 0028.30.04 (Post 60-Month Empl. Services Sanctions).


No provisions.


The following provisions apply to non-PA mandatory SNAP E&T participants who fail to participate, cooperate, accept employment, voluntarily quit suitable employment, or voluntarily reduce work hours while participating in SNAP E&T. When a mandatory participant fails, without good cause, to comply with SNAP E&T requirements, determine if you must sanction only the client or the entire unit.

If the client is NOT the principal wage earner (PWE), sanction ONLY the client.

If the client is the PWE, sanction the entire unit. (Note that during a sanction the unit cannot designate someone else as the PWE simply to avoid the sanction.)

See 0028.03.06 (Determining SNAP Principal Wage Earner).

Apply the length of the sanction for each occurrence as follows:

FOR THE 1ST OCCURRENCE: Loss of SNAP for 1 month or until compliance, whichever is longer.

FOR THE 2ND OCCURRENCE: Loss of SNAP for 3 months or until compliance, whichever is longer.

FOR THE 3RD AND ANY SUBSEQUENT OCCURRENCE: Loss of SNAP for 6 months or until compliance, whichever is longer.

ABAWDs have until the end of the month prior to the effective date of the SNAP closing to cooperate with the SNAP E&T orientation/work requirements.

The sanction begins on the date specified in the county agency’s 10-day notice to the participant. See 0026.12.03 (10 Day Notice).

Apply the sanction policy until the client does 1 of the following:

Serves the minimum sanction period and verbally agrees to comply with SNAP E&T during the SNAP application process.

Leaves the unit's home.


If a unit member who failed to comply joins another unit as that unit's PWE, the entire new unit is ineligible for the rest of the disqualification period.


If a unit member who failed to comply joins another unit where that person is NOT the PWE, ONLY that person is ineligible.


If a unit is disqualified because the PWE failed to comply and a new person who has not committed any violations joins the unit as the PWE, end the disqualification for the other unit members. Require a new application and prorate benefits from that date.

Becomes exempt from work registration or SNAP E&T participation.

When an SNAP E&T sanction ends, see 0008.06.07 (Adding a Person to the Unit - SNAP).

Applicants for SNAP who have been in SNAP E&T sanction status continuously for at least 1 year do not have to comply with the previous requirements that caused the sanction.

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