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ISSUE DATE: 09/2016

The Family Support Grant Program is a state-funded program that provides cash grants to families with children with disabilities who live, or will live, in their family home. The home is considered to be the least restrictive and most normalized placement for children with disabilities. However, many families who have children with disabilities living at home incur higher-than-average expenses that are directly related to the disability. The grants provide families with the flexibility to purchase an array of supports and services to meet specific needs.

The goal of the Family Support Grant Program is to prevent or delay the out-of-home placement of children with disabilities and to promote family health and social well-being by enabling access to family-centered services and supports.

For information on how to treat income from the Family Support Grant Program, see 0017.15.60 (Family Support Grant Income).

For additional information about the Family Support Grant program clients may either:

Contact their local county social services agency.
See the DHS Family Support Grant program website.

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