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ISSUE DATE: 02/2015

Foster care is part of social services. It provides funding for the cost of care for eligible children and adults.

For more information on foster care, refer to the Minnesota Social Services Manual.

A court may order a trial home visit for a child who has been in foster care. The trial home visit is meant to be a transition to permanent reunification with the parent or guardian and for a significant amount of time, not to exceed 6 months. During the trial home visit, the foster care provider would not be receiving foster care payments on behalf of the child but could receive, on a short-term basis, a child welfare payment from the county to hold a bed for the child.

The county social service agency is not expected to provide financial assistance to the parent. Instead, the parent(s) is expected to be able to provide for the child’s needs in his or her home again.

Also see 0011.21 (Receipt of Other Assistance).


During the trial home visit, the child is considered to be in foster care; the social services agency retains custody and provides case management services, but the child is not eligible for foster care maintenance payments. The parent(s) and child can receive MFIP, if otherwise eligible.

Also see 0011.21 (Receipt of Other Assistance).


Follow general provisions.

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