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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 02/2017

The Minnesota Department of Human Services provides Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) to persons with eligible status who are ineligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or MFIP for up to 8 months after arrival in the United States. Refugee Employment Services (RES) and Refugee Social Services (RSS) are available to assist eligible persons to attain self-sufficiency within this period of time. RCA participants may continue to receive Refugee Employment and Social Services after their RCA eligibility ends. For information about assistance programs for persons with refugee and other eligible status, see 0030 (Refugee Assistance Programs). For a list of funded RES and RSS providers in Minnesota, see the 2016-2017 Directory of Refugee Service Providers (PDF).

The 30-day state residency requirement does not apply to RCA applicants.

Only persons with the following status, as defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), are eligible for RCA:

Admitted as refugees under section 207.

Paroled as refugees or asylees under section 212(d)(5).

Granted asylum under section 208.

Cuban and Haitian entrants, in accordance with requirements in 45 CFR part 401.2.

Admitted as Amerasians under the Amerasian Homecoming Act.

Trafficking victims who have been certified by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). People under age 18 who are trafficking victims are not required to be certified but are issued letters of confirmation by ORR. See TRAFFICKING VICTIMS in 0002.67 (Glossary: Thrifty...). Also see 0011.03.30 (Non-Citizens - Trafficking Victims).

To be eligible, applicants must also:

Have been in the United States 8 months or less. Count the month they entered the country OR the month the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) granted eligible status, whichever is later, as month 1 of the 8-month eligibility time limit.

Provide the name of their local resettlement agency and give eligibility workers consent to contact the local resettlement agency. For the definition of a local resettlement agency see 0002.37 (Glossary: Learning...). Also see 0030.01 (Local Resettlement Agencies) for a list of local resettlement agency.

Have not voluntarily quit employment, or have refused an offer of suitable employment, without good cause, within 30 days prior to application.

Register for and participate in Refugee Employment Services (RES) within 30 days of approval of RCA eligibility, unless exempt or have a good cause reason for failure to participate. See 0030.12.06 (RCA Employment Services Good Cause Claims). See 0030.12 (Refugee Employment Services) for information on employment referrals in locations where RES are not available.

The WorkForce One (WF1) interface is not set-up for RCA electronic referrals to RES providers or ESPs. All communication must be done by paper. Refer all mandatory RCA ES participants using the Refugee Cash Assistance Program Employment Services Referral (DHS-3166R) (PDF). FAX the referral to the RES provider or other ESP.

Not attend school full-time.

Not be enrolled in the Matching Grant (MG) Program with the local resettlement agency. For more information about the Matching Grant Program, see 0029.39 (The Matching Grant Program).

Persons with refugee status and Amerasians receive resettlement case management services from a local resettlement agency. See 0030 (Refugee Assistance Program), 0030.01 (Local Resettlement Agencies).

As a condition for the receipt of RCA, a participant who is not exempt must:

Accept at any time, from any source, an offer of suitable employment. Follow MFIP provisions in 0028.18.03 (Suitable/Unsuitable Work).

Comply with monthly reporting requirements if receiving earned income. See 0030.03.16 (Processing Reported Changes – RCA), 0007.03 (Monthly Reporting – Cash).

For information on who may be included in an RCA assistance unit, see 0030.03.03 (RCA Assistance Units).

RCA participants are eligible for federally-funded SNAP benefits. See 0011.03.09 (Non-Citizens - SNAP/MSA/GA/GRH).

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