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ISSUE DATE: 01/2003

In order for a language training or post-secondary education or training program to be approved as a Refugee Employment Services (RES) activity, the training must not be full-time (EXCEPT for professional skills refresher or recertification courses as noted below) and must be concurrent with employment or participation in other RES activities.

To be approved, a post-secondary education or training program must be no longer than 12 months, and the participant must provide documentation that:

There are suitable employment opportunities that require specific education or training in the area in which the participant is resettled.


The education or training will meet local employers’ requirements so that the participant will be in a competitive position within the local labor market.


The participant can meet the requirements for admission to the program.


There is reasonable expectation that the participant will complete the training program.

If refugees with professional skills need professional refresher training or other recertification services in order to qualify to practice in the United States, the training may consist of full-time attendance in a college or professional training program, provided that such training:

Is approved as part of the individual's employability plan by RES staff.


Does not exceed 1 year in duration (including any time enrolled in such program in the United States prior to the refugee's application for assistance).


Is specifically intended to assist the professional in becoming relicensed in his or her profession.


If completed, can realistically be expected to result in such relicensing.

The professional refresher and/or recertification courses may only be made available to people who are employed.

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