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Minnesota Department of Human Services Combined Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 12/2016


The sanction for non-compliance with program requirements, EXCEPT for Refuge Employment Services (RES) non-cooperation, is total ineligibility for cash assistance. If the person in sanction is the only member of the assistance unit, terminate the case allowing for a 10-day notice. If the assistance unit includes other members, sanction only the person who is in non-compliance.

If the participant complies with the program requirement before the effective date, lift the sanction. Once the participant complies, issue benefits back to the 1st day of the month the person is in compliance, without requiring a new application for RCA. Do not prorate benefits subsequent to the 1st month of application.

When a non-exempt RCA participant fails or refuses, without good cause, to meet RES requirements, or has voluntarily quit a job, terminate assistance allowing for a 10-day notice. Do not impose a sanction when a participant complies with RES requirements prior to the effective date of the sanction. Once imposed, the RES sanction must remain in effect for 3 payment months for the 1st occurrence, and 6 payment months for any subsequent occurrence.


Some local resettlement agencies offer a Matching Grant (MG) early employment program for a limited number of refugees. For more information about the Matching Grant Program, see 0029.39 (The Matching Grant Program).

A sanction in the MG program for non-compliance does not transfer to the RCA program. An RCA applicant who was previously sanctioned in MG for non-compliance with work requirements or program participation requirements should be counseled and informed of the general regulatory provisions governing registration for and participation in Employment Services as a condition of receipt of RCA. They should also be informed of the effect of failing to participate in Employment Services or of refusing or voluntarily quitting employment.

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