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DHS recently added a Q&A feature to the website that allows family child care providers to submit questions about licensed family child care directly to the department.

The idea for this feature came from family child care providers and it is hoped that this feature will increase the consistency in monitoring the requirements across the state.  DHS values the relationship between the licensing worker and the provider. So, in an effort to reinforce that relationship, DHS consults directly with the assigned licensing worker each time a question is received.  DHS also copies the licensing worker when responding to the licensed provider.

So far, we have received 53 inquiries. Each inquiry requires the provider to select a topic area. Here’s a breakdown of the types of questions we’ve received so far.

  • • Capacity (3)
  • • Training requirements (22)
  • • Infant sleep (2)
  • • Health and Safety (7)
  • • Supervision (4)
  • • Background Studies (1)
  • • Correction orders (3)
  • • Negative actions (2)
  • • Other (9)
  • We plan on posting some of the more frequently asked questions online so that licensors and providers may refer to the questions and answers. Additionally, we will share here with you, some of the questions and answers that you may find helpful.

    We’ll start by sharing the questions that we have received that relate to training. Please note that the questions received and the answers provided may be slightly edited to increase clarity. We will provide questions and answers for the other areas in future newsletters.


    I found a site that provides free training. How do I get this training approved?

    Encouraged the provider to contact their licensing worker to ask if the training would meet the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.50, subdivision 7.

    If I take a training that is not listed on Develop, will it count toward my required training?

    Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.50, subdivision 7, identifies additional topics of training that meet the requirements. Not all training is required to be provided by approved trainers and there will be many training opportunities that are not listed in Develop. Consult with your licensing worker prior to registering to ensure that the training will meet the above requirements.

    I registered for a class on Develop. After I completed the class, I didn’t receive a training certificate. How do I prove I took that training?

    Training certificates are no longer provided for courses that you may register for on Develop. After you register for a course on Develop and then complete the course, the course will be documented on your training transcript in Develop. You may show your licensing worker this transcript to verify completed training.

    If I watch the “off year videos” for SUID/AHT, does that count as one hour toward my 16 hours of training?


    If I choose to take the SUID/AHT classes in-person or online every year rather than watching the videos during the off-year, would I be in compliance?


    Why does the state limit the sources of the training we receive?

    In order to ensure consistency, some of the required training must be taught by trainers who have been approved by the Minnesota Center for Professional Development. Those courses include child growth and development, behavior guidance, reducing the risk of sudden unexpected infant death, reducing the risk of abusive head trauma, and supervising for safety. However, each year, you may choose additional training from a variety of sources in order to complete the 16 hours of ongoing required training. The additional training must meet the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.50, subdivision 7.

    Do community education classes that are about children count for training hours?

    They may. The training would need to meet the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.50, subdivision 7. I encourage you to connect with your licensing worker to determine if a specific course would meet the requirements.

    If “Eager-to-Learn” and in-person training meet the requirements for completing SUID/AHT training, wouldn’t it be acceptable to take the Eager-to-Learn class every year rather than watching the videos during the off-year?

    Yes, you may choose to complete the SUID/AHT training through Eager-to-Learn every year. If you choose to do this, then you would not be required to watch the SUID/AHT videos. Those videos are offered as an option in lieu of the in-person or Eager-to-Learn training every other year.

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