MnCHOICES Support Plan

Lead Agencies will move from a paper process to creating support plans electronically. The electronic support plan includes a person’s need for, as well as his or her preferences about, services identified during the MnCHOICES assessment. When both the MnCHOICES Assessment and Support Plan applications are in use, lead agencies will have a single, streamlined and comprehensive process to assess people, identify their needs, develop support plans and calculate rates, moving person-centered services to a higher level.

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Using MnCHOICES Support Plan

Using more than one instance of the MnCHOICES Support Plan in a browser
Build and Print: CSP/CSSP Crosswalk (PDF)

Crosswalk: Assessment and Support Plan (PDF)

Example CSP: CADI Waiver (PDF)

Example CSSP: CADI Waiver (PDF)

Example CSP: DD Waiver (PDF)

Example CSSP: DD Waiver (PDF)

LTSS Improvement Tool FAQ

Memo: Long-Term Services and Supports Improvement Tool (PDF)

IT Technical Support

Technical Specifications MnSP (PDF)
Contact for technical support and password resets: Help desk

Maintenance of users

Mentors will work with their lead agency's security liaison to add, delete or make changes to users
Handling MN Information Securely-Data Privacy Courses

Support Plan User Access

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