Certification of license-exempt child care centers

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is responsible for certifying and monitoring license-exempt child care centers that participate in the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) for compliance with certification requirements. This page has information for license-exempt child care centers about certification requirements and other important updates.

A license-exempt center that does not participate in CCAP does not need to be certified.


Director Information Form for Certified Centers
Guidelines for Developing Policies and Procedures for Certified Centers

Maltreatment of Minors Mandated Reporting Policy for Certified Centers

Staff In-Service Training Record for Certified Centers

Staff Orientation Training Checklist for Certified Centers

Summary of Personnel Information for Certified Centers

Serious Injury & Death Report PDF

Serious Injury & Death Report DOC

Child Care Immunization Form

Timeline: Certification roll-out

Please check back here for relevant dates and updates related to certification.

September 30, 2017 – Health and safety training requirements

If you are a license-exempt center that participates in CCAP, your staff must meet new training requirements by September 30, 2017. Please see this letter about the new training (DHS-3768B) (PDF) and CCAP Policy Manual for more information.

  • November 1, 2017 – More information released about Certification Onboarding
    DHS sent a mailing to all license-exempt centers that participate in the CCAP on November 1, 2017 regarding next steps for certification. This mailing contained a letter with additional information about the certification process as well as program specific information. The intent of this mailing is to learn more about the license-exempt centers that are planning to become certified and ensuring DHS has accurate information about each of these centers.

  • November 30, 2017 – Response required

    DHS requests that by November 30, 2017, each license-exempt center return the Certification Onboarding Form.

  • January 2018 – Begin Certification
    DHS is currently preparing guidance documents and forms to support centers in becoming certified.  DHS will be reaching out to centers who have indicated that they are planning to become certified regarding next steps for becoming certified.
  • January 19, 2018 – Guidance released
    For more information about certification and the new requirements set forth in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245H, please review this guidance document. The purpose of the guidance document is to share key information about certification, including any specific action a center will need to take in order to comply with the new certification requirements. 

    FAQs on 2017 legislation

    The 2017 Legislature enacted changes to bring Minnesota into compliance with the federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG). As part of this effort, license-exempt centers that participate in Minnesota’s Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) will need to be “certified” by the Department of Human Services. Please review these frequently asked questions about the new requirements for more information.

    Background: Child Care and Development Block Grant

    In 2014, the federal government passed the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act with the goal of improving the health and safety of child care, improving access to quality child care and promoting stable child care arrangements. This federal law includes many requirements that apply to license-exempt child care centers that are registered to receive child care assistance payments.

  • · In February 2017, DHS sent a CCDBG Letter to License-Exempt Programs Participating in CCAP (PDF) to all license-exempt providers that were registered with CCAP. The letter was sent to the email address on file for your program. If DHS did not have an email address, it was sent by mail. The letter informs license-exempt centers about CCDBG and changes affecting your program.
  • · A video on CCDBG for Minnesota License-Exempt Child Care Providers was released in February 2017 during the 2017 legislative session to provide information about the CCDBG changes affecting child care programs in Minnesota. The FAQs above have the most up to date information about changes enacted by the 2017 Legislature.

    Sign up to receive information through DHS email

    License-exempt child care centers can now subscribe to receive information from DHS Licensing about the implementation of new requirements to comply with the federal CCDBG.

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