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Family caregiver services – AC and EW

Page posted: 2/15/17

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Legal authority

Federally approved Elderly Waiver Plan, Alternative Care (AC) program (Minn. Stat. §256B.0913)


The following family caregiver services are available under the Alternative Care and Elderly Waiver programs:

These services are for family and informal caregivers who provide direct and ongoing care and support for people enrolled in the AC and EW programs.

For more information, see the service-specific pages (linked to above).


Caregiver: For all of these services, a caregiver is not paid or employed by, or a volunteer through an organization that cares for the person who receives services.

Caregivers may include:

  • • Adult children
  • • In-laws
  • • Parents
  • • Spouses
  • • Other relative caregivers (e.g., siblings, aunts or uncles)
  • • Other non-relative caregivers (e.g., neighbors, friends).
  • Family foster care

    A family foster care provider cannot be paid to provide foster care to a relative unless the lead agency certifies the adult foster care per the hardship provisions defined in Minn. Stat. §256B.0919, subd. 3.

    If the person enrolled in the AC or EW program lives in the family foster care home of a relative who is not paid to provide foster care, the relative is considered a family caregiver. He or she may receive family caregiver services through the AC or EW program.

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