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Minnesota Department of Human Services Early Intensive Development and Behavioral Intervention Manual
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QSP qualifications, roles and responsibilities

Date posted: 2/17/17

Date reviewed:

Date updated: 12/15/17

Legal authority

CMS-approved state plan amendment (PDF), Minn. Stat. §256B.0949


To qualify as a qualified supervising professional (QSP), a person must:

1. Be employed by an EIDBI provider agency

2. Be a physician, advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), developmental or behavioral pediatrician, or a licensed mental health professional (as defined in Minn. Stat. §245.4871, subd 27(1 to 6))

3. Have either:

  • • At least 2,000 hours of clinical experience and/or training in the examination and/or treatment of people with ASD or a related condition
  • • Completed the equivalent in graduate-level coursework at an accredited university; coursework must be documented and in one or more of the following areas: ASD or a related condition diagnostics, ASD or a related condition treatment strategies, or child development.
  • 4. Be able to provide treatment within his or her scope of practice and license.

    Roles and responsibilities

    The QSP must:

  • • Assure that the individual treatment plan (ITP) and all EIDBI services provided take into consideration the person and family’s values, goals, preferences, culture and language
  • • Determine with the parent/primary caregiver the level of parent/primary caregiver training and counseling provided
  • • Develop, monitor, approve and sign the person’s initial and each updated ITP
  • • Coordinate and implement the initial and annual coordinated care conference, as requested by the parent or legal representative
  • • Perform all of the clinical supervision functions required by his or her professional licensing board and as defined in the EIDBI Policy Manual
  • • Supervise and oversee the activities of the level I, II and II providers.
  • The QSP assumes full, professional responsibility for the services provided by each supervisee and each supervisee’s actions and decisions.

    Enroll with MHCP as a QSP

    For information about how to enroll with Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) as a QSP, see MHCP Provider Manual – EIDBI provider enrollment.

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