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Minnesota Department of Human Services Early Intensive Development and Behavioral Intervention Manual
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The EIDBI provider agency should develop procedures to:

1. Recruit, hire, train and retain providers who are qualified to meet the cultural and language needs of the people it serves.

2. Conduct, follow up on and document background studies for all direct-contact service providers and volunteers

3. Investigate, report and act on violations of ethical conduct standards

4. Investigate, report, and act on violations of the agency’s data privacy policies (which must be compliant with federal and state laws)

5. Oversee subcontractors and temporary staff

7. Oversee volunteers.

The EIDBI provider agency must have a limited English proficiency (LEP) plan in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. §2000d-7.

Background studies

The provider agency is responsible to choose where and how background studies are completed.

The provider agency should:

  • • Conduct a criminal background study for each direct-contact service provider and volunteer before he or she provides direct-contact services to people served by the EIDBI Benefit
  • • Follow up on background study results, using standards comparable to those in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245C
  • • For each provider or volunteer, maintain documentation that includes his or her completed background study results and the date he or she began to provide direct-care services
  • • Upon request, provide DHS with access to background study documentation.
  • The provider agency should use non-DHS background studies until DHS background studies become available for EIDBI providers.

    If the provider agency is certified by DHS to provide children’s therapeutic services and supports (CTSS), it should, to the extent DHS allows, use the same background study process and standards for EIDBI staff as it does for CTSS staff.

    Subcontractors and temporary staff

    If a provider agency uses subcontractors and/or temporary staff (e.g., interns), it should ensure that each meets and maintains compliance with all requirements applicable to the service(s) he or she will provide. Guidelines may include:

  • • Background study
  • • EIDBI provider qualifications
  • • Licensing requirements
  • • Orientation and training
  • • Supervision necessary to fulfill his or her responsibilities.
  • • The provider agency should maintain documentation that each subcontractor or temporary staff meets the applicable requirements.
  • Volunteers

    If the provider agency use volunteers to provide direct-contact services, it should:

  • • Ensure each volunteer completes a background study
  • • Ensure each volunteer receives the orientation, training and supervision necessary to fulfill his or her responsibilities
  • • Inform the person or his or her legal representative whenever a volunteer works with him or her
  • • Maintain documentation that each volunteer meets the applicable requirements
  • • Screen applicants.
  • Additional resources

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