NDC Format Conversion

April 12, 2007

MHCP requires providers to report National Drug Codes (NDCs) in 11-digit numeric format, usually seen in a 5-4-2 format; e.g., 99999-9999-99. Occasionally, NDCs are in 10-digit format. Providers must convert the 10-digitNDCsto 11 digits.

Use the following methodology to convert 10-digit NDCs to 11 -digit NDCs:

NDC Conversion: 10-digit to 11-digit

If 10-digit NDC format is:

Then add a zero (0) in:

Report NDC as:

4-4-2 9999-9999-99

1st position 09999-9999-99


5-3-2 99999-999-99

6th position 99999-0999-99


5-4-1 99999-9999-9

10th position 99999-9999-09


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