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Minnesota Department of Human Services Provider Manual
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Health and Behavior Assessment/Intervention

Revised: 01-15-2010

A behavioral assessment or follow-up services is provided under physician order for information concerning a recipient’s psychological status in relation to a medical diagnosis. This is NOT a mental health diagnostic assessment.

Eligible Providers

Enrolled mental health professionals (except LMFT) under physician order.

Eligible Recipients

Health and Behavior Assessment/Intervention recipients must be:

  • • Hospitalized in a medical bed or
  • • Receiving medical services in an outpatient setting
  • Covered Services

    The focus of this service is on assessing a recipient’s psychological status in relation to a medical diagnosis, or in determining treatment. It is not on identifying whether or not a person has a mental illness or emotional disturbance.

    If further evaluation of the recipient’s psychological status is required, to determine if a person has a mental illness or emotional disturbance, a mental health professional must conduct a mental health diagnostic assessment.

    Noncovered Services

    See Noncovered Services on the Mental Health Overview page.


  • • Use the MN–ITS 837P to bill for physician and non-physician services
  • • Enter the treating provider NPI number for each provider rendering services on each claim line item
  • • Enter place of service code 21 for all visits in an inpatient setting
  • • Use modifier U7 when billing for interns or residents
  • • Use the appropriate level procedure codes for all mental health services
  • Health and Behavior Assessment / Intervention

    Proc Code

    Brief Description


    Service Limitations


    Health and Behavior Assessment, Initial

    15 min

    Do not report these codes on the same day as codes 90801-90899


    Health and Behavior Re-assessment

    15 min


    Health and Behavior Intervention, Individual

    15 min


    Health and Behavior Intervention, Group

    (2 or more individuals)

    15 min


    Health and Behavior Intervention, Family

    (with patient present)

    15 min

    Legal References

    Minnesota Statutes 256B.0625, subd., 3
    Minnesota Statutes 256B.0625
    subd., 4

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