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Minnesota Department of Human Services PCA Manual
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Personal Care Assistance – Eligibility

Reassessment for PCA services

Page posted: 03/22/10

Page reviewed: 12/29/17

Page updated: 12/29/17

Legal authority

Minn. Stat. §256B.0659, subd. 3a and §256B.0652, subd. 8a


Reassessment: An assessment for PCA services completed before the end of a person’s current service agreement. A reassessment should include a review of the prior assessment information to continue authorization of services.

Late reassessment: An assessment that has not been completed and entered into MMIS before the end of the person’s current service agreement end date.

Please note: For information about assessments for PCA service completed using MnCHOICES, see the MnCHOICES section of the Community Based Services Manual and the MnCHOICES CountyLink page.


The reassessment must be completed as a face-to-face assessment or a service update.

The reassessment must be entered into MMIS before the end of the current service agreement to prevent a gap in service.

DHS requires a new PCA care plan annually at the time of reassessment.
Reassessments resulting in reduction or termination of services are subject to the 10-day notice requirement outlined on the Notice of reduction or termination of PCA services page.

DHS requires reassessments when a significant change in condition occurs. See the Service Changes page or the Service update section of the Assessment page for more information.

Lead agency responsibilities

The lead agency must:

  • • Enter assessment data into MMIS following current policy and instructions.
  • • Resolve edits that can be solved by the lead agency.
  • • Route the Service Agreement to the DHS queue if needed.
  • PCA provider agency responsibilities

    The PCA provider must notify the lead agency of the need to reassess PCA services. Providers risk a gap in ability to submit claims if the referral is not submitted to the county in a timely manner:

  • • Complete the Referral for Reassessment for PCA Services (DHS-3244P) (PDF)
  • • Fax the completed referral 60 days before the end of the service agreement
  • • Keep documentation of referrals
  • DHS responsibilities

    DHS must:

  • • Review all reassessments routed to the DHS queue
  • • Determine action steps for authorization
  • Penalty

    This provision is not currently implemented:
    Late reassessments are assessed a 25 percent penalty of the total rate of reimbursement to the county for the assessment. The penalty is assessed if either or both of the following dates are seven or more days past the end of the service agreement:

  • • The date the assessment is entered into MMIS
  • The date noted in MMIS as the date the county entered the data (Julian calendar)
  • Resources

    Referral for PCA reassessment page
    DSD MMIS Reference Guide

    Service Changes page

    Service update section on Assessment for PCA services page

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