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Telemedicine Delivery of Mental Health Services

Revised: 12-07-2015

  • Eligible Recipients
  • Eligible Providers
  • Billing
  • Legal References
  • MHCP covers delivery of mental health services through telemedicine.

    Telemedicine delivers mental health services using two-way interactive video, which can:

  • • Extend limited resources
  • • Expand the geographical area over which a mental health provider can offer direct service
  • • Save time and energy without compromising quality
  • • Allow providers and the recipient greater flexibility and increased access when delivering or receiving services
  • • Allow recipients to receive needed services without having to travel long distances
  • Eligible Recipients

    Recipients are eligible to receive their mental health services via telemedicine when:

  • • Telemedicine is determined medically appropriate (see Eligible Providers for service exceptions)
  • • The recipient has consented to using a telemedicine method before receiving services
  • The recipient must be present to receive service through the telemedicine method.
  • Eligible Providers

    Providers currently authorized to provide mental health services may conduct the same services via telemedicine, except for the following services:

  • • Day treatment
  • • Partial hospitalization programs
  • • Residential treatment services
  • • Case Management, face-to-face contact
  • When delivering services through telemedicine, providers must do the following:

  • • Conduct a risk analysis
  • • Develop a risk management plan
  • • Employ strategies to minimize vulnerabilities in technological equipment and systems
  • • Create safe and private accommodations for recipients receiving services by telemedicine
  • • Ensure procedures are in place to prevent system failures that could:
  • • Lead to a breach in privacy
  • • Cause exposure of recipient mental health records to unauthorized persons
  • • Use high quality interactive video and audio communications systems and equipment
  • • Be prepared administratively, operationally, and technologically
  • Interactive telemedicine systems must be compliant with HIPAA privacy and security requirements and regulations.

    Noncovered Services

    MHCP does not reimburse for connection charges, or origination, set-up or site fees.


    Refer to the following when billing for services provided through telemedicine:

  • • Services provided via telemedicine have the same service thresholds, authorization requirements and reimbursement rates as services delivered face-to-face.
  • • Bill for mental health services delivered via telemedicine with modifier GT.
  • • Use the place of service code that identifies the location of the recipient when the service was provided.
  • Legal References

    Minnesota Statutes 256B.0625, subd. 46 (MH Telemedicine)
    Minnesota Rules 9505.0371
    , subpart 10 (Telemedicine)

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