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MnCHOICES certified assessors

Date posted: 8/13/14

Date reviewed:

Date updated:

Legal Authority

MN Statutes 256B.0911, subd. 2b


MnCHOICES certified assessors: Individuals who complete assessments and planning services, for people who need long-term services and supports, using the MnCHOICES Web-based application.


Qualified candidates must complete required training and have at least one of the following:

  • • Bachelor's degree in social work plus at least one year of home and community-based experience
  • • Bachelor's degree in nursing with current licensure as a registered nurse along with public health certification and at least one year of home and community-based experience
  • • Bachelor’s degree in a closely related field plus at least one year of home and community-based experience
  • • Current license as a registered nurse with at least two years of home and community-based experience.
  • Roles and Responsibilities

    Certified assessors are responsible to:

    1. Demonstrate best practices in assessment and support planning including person-centered principles.
    2. Conduct assessment interviews within statutory time lines using MnCHOICES.
    3. Determine eligibility for home and community-based waivers and other long-term services and supports.
    4. Determine level of care, case mix and home care ratings.
    5. Develop community support plans that reflect what is important to and for the person.
    6. Recommend referrals to other professionals and agencies as needed for cost-effective long-term services and supports.
    7. Help people select services and programs for which they might be eligible.
    8. Maintain certification (and licensure if required).
    9. Participate on multidisciplinary long-term care consultation teams.
    10. Provide individuals with information on Minnesota Health Care Programs.
    11. Provide access to assistance to transition people back to the community after an institutional admission.
    12. Provide information about competitive employment, with or without supports.

    MnCHOICES Certified Assessor Training

    The MnCAT training consists of four steps. Steps 1, 2 and 3 require you to pass tests with an 80% proficiency or higher before moving to the next course.

    Steps 1 and 2

    These MnCAT steps are available in DHS TrainLink. Anyone may take Steps 1 and 2 if they have a TrainLink unique ID (PDF).

    Step 1. Foundations

    Overview: Online course providing a basic understanding about MnCHOICES

    Basics: Series of open book tests about fundamental information certified assessors need to know that links to online resources

    Step 2. Principles

  • • Consists of seven eLearning program courses
  • • Includes key principles about MnCHOICES and attributes of a certified assessor
  • Step 3

    This step is also available in TrainLink. DHS will send this link to lead agencies when they are preparing to launch or have launched MnCHOICES. Step 3 requires access to the MnCHOICES Training Zone (MTZ), which is available through a lead agency MnCHOICES Mentor.

    Step 3. Application

  • • Access and navigate MnCHOICES and instructed activities in MnCAT Training Zone
  • • Increase familiarity with assessment content/functions and instructed activities in MTZ
  • • Complete an assessment based on given scenario and participating in a multi-disciplinary learning lab.
  • Step 4

    This is continuing education and professional development to support certified assessors to enhance their knowledge and skills.


  • • Every three years
  • • Professional development that deepens knowledge, skills and abilities of a certified assessor
  • Additional resources

    MnCHOICES CountyLink page (Supporting materials for prelaunch activities and other important information)

    MnCHOICES Matters subscription page (MnCHOICES mailing list with information, updates and resources on MnCHOICES)

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