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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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Page posted: 8/7/14

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Legal authority

Minn. Stat. §256B.0911


MnCHOICES: A person-centered assessment to help people with long-term or chronic-care needs make care decisions and select support and service options.

Covered functions

The MnCHOICES assessment will replace four assessment tools:

  • • Developmental Disability screening
  • • Long term care consultation assessment
  • • Personal care assistance
  • • Private duty nursing assessments (in a future rollout)
  • The MnCHOICES process involves three steps:

  • • Intake
  • • Assessment
  • Support planning
  • Non-covered functions

    Use of the MnCHOICES assessment does not:

  • • Assess Mental Health-Targeted Case Management services
  • • Determine diagnosis
  • • Determine financial eligibility for Minnesota Health Care Programs
  • Lead agency responsibilities

    Lead agencies are responsible to:

  • • Assure individuals conducting the assessments are certified according to Minnesota statute
  • • Determine who meets criteria to be a qualified assessor
  • • Ensure that all staff conducting MnCHOICES assessments follow DHS certification requirements and standards
  • • Ensure the lead agency has a sufficient number of certified assessors to provide assessment and support planning within required timelines
  • • Provide copies of documentation to the person receiving assessment or support planning or the person’s legal representative
  • The use of MnCHOICES does not change lead agency responsibilities around assessment.

    Health risk assessments (HRAs)

    MnCHOICES includes a health risk assessment designed specifically for health plans to fulfill their responsibility to screen all of their members upon initial enrollment into the plan. Care coordinators completing the HRA do not need to be certified.

    However, if the individual requires a full MnCHOICES face-to-face assessment, a certified assessor must complete that assessment.

    MnCHOICES application

    The MnCHOICES Web-based application produces an assessment summary. The certified assessor uses the summary to:

  • • Review what was discussed during the assessment with the person before they leave the interview
  • • Develop an individual’s Community Support Plan (CSP).
  • Case managers use the assessment summary and the CSP to develop a Coordinated Services and Support Plan (CSSP).

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