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Minnesota Department of Human Services Moving Home Minnesota Program Manual
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Page posted: 1/16/14

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Page updated: 9/22/17

Legal authority

Deficit Reduction Act, 2005 (PL 109), sec. 6071 (PDF), Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 2010 Sec. 2403 (PDF), Minnesota Statutes, section 256B.04, subdivision 20


MHM enrollment specialist: Person who helps with intake and confirms eligibility to participate in the demonstration.


People are eligible to participate in demonstration if they:

  • • Are on Medical Assistance
  • • Are eligible for MA payment of at least one day of institutional care and
  • • Reside in a qualified institution(s) for 90 or more consecutive days (Medicare rehab days are not included in the 90 day count)
  • People age 65 and older need to use Elderly Waiver upon discharge from an institution.

    Qualified institution includes the following:

  • • Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center (AMRTC)*
  • • Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services facility
  • • Community Behavioral Health Hospitals
  • • Hospitals
  • • Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities
  • • Nursing facilities
  • *An institution for mental disease is not a qualified institution for people aged 21 through 64. However, days in AMRTC or another institution for mental disease may be included in calculating the 90 consecutive days for individuals age 21 to 64 if they are discharged from another qualified institution.

    Qualified residences

    To participate in Moving Home Minnesota, a person must move into a qualified residence. Qualified residence includes the following:

  • • Apartment with an individual lease, lockable access and egress and which includes living, sleeping, bathing and cooking areas over which the individual or the individual’s family has domain and control
  • • Home owned or leased by the individual or an individual’s family member
  • • Residence in a community-based residential setting, in which no more than four unrelated individuals reside
  • Enrollment

    DHS Moving Home Minnesota enrollment specialists enroll people into the demonstration for up to 12 months. Once enrolled, a person is eligible for 365 days (12 months) upon discharge to the community.

    People under age 65

    People under age 65 may enroll in the demonstration and choose only to use demonstration services.

    1. If these services do not meet their needs, they may choose to receive state plan services in addition to the demonstration services. People do not need to meet institutional level of care criteria to qualify for state plan services. However, people must be eligible for Medical Assistance and the services must be medically necessary.
    2. If services under both the demonstration and state plan do not meet the needs, the transition coordinator may:

  • • Conduct a person-centered assessment or
  • • Refer the person to be assessed for waiver enrollment
  • People do need to meet institutional level of care to qualify for one of the waivers. In addition, people must be eligible for Medical Assistance and the services must be medically necessary.

    Waiver eligibility is determined through completion of the Long-Term Care Consultation, Developmental Disabilities Screening or MnCHOICES Assessment.

    People age 65 and older

    All people age 65 or older will enroll in the Elderly Waiver in addition to receiving demonstration services.


    As part of the demonstration, all Moving Home Minnesota participants will receive face-to-face Quality of Life Survey at three points:

  • • Prior to discharge
  • • At about 11 months and
  • • At 24 months
  • Vital Research, a third-party contractor working with Moving Home Minnesota, will conduct the evaluation.


    Less than 30 days

    If people on the demonstration return to an institution for fewer than 30 days, they will continue to be enrolled in the demonstration while they are in the institution.

    More than 30 days

    If a participant returns to an institution for more than 30 days, they are considered suspended from demonstration. However people may:

  • • Be discharged to the community again and use any time left of their 12 month demonstration allotment or,
  • • At the state’s option, re-enroll in the demonstration if they reside in the institution for another 90 days
  • Post demonstration

    After the 12-month transition period people continue to receive services through state plan or waiver.

    If demonstration services are needed for a limited time beyond the 12 months, DHS may cover the costs using state-only funds. The MHM enrollment specialist must authorize use of demonstration services beyond the 12-month enrollment period in order for those services to be paid.


    To begin the enrollment process, people should contact either the Disability Hub MN, Senior LinkAge Line® or complete the intake form DHS-5032 (PDF). Email the completed form to MHM enrollment specialist or fax or send through mail to:

    Moving Home Minnesota
    PO Box 64250
    St. Paul, MN 55164-0250
    Fax: 651-431-7745
    Phone: 651-431-3951 or 888-240-4756 (toll free)

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