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Minnesota Department of Human Services Early Intensive Development and Behavioral Intervention Manual
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Overview of EIDBI providers

Date posted: 6/18/15

Date reviewed: 2/17/17

Date updated: 7/10/18

Legal authority

CMS-approved state plan amendment (PDF), Minn. Stat. §256B.0949,

Provider types

There are five EIDBI provider types:

Each provider type has different qualifications, roles and responsibilities during EIDBI service delivery. For more information, see the provider-specific pages, which you can access via the links above.


Every individual provider must enroll with Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) in order to deliver EIDBI services. For enrollment information, see MHCP Provider Manual – EIDBI provider enrollment.

Clinical supervision

All Level I, II and III providers must deliver EIDBI services under the clinical supervision of a QSP. For more information, see EIDBI – Clinical supervision.

Provider shortage

Across Minnesota and the nation, communities are experiencing a shortage of qualified healthcare providers. The provider shortage particularly affects rural areas. There is currently a shortage of EIDBI providers, which might delay or prevent people's ability to access and receive EIDBI services.

To learn about what Minnesota is doing to build provider capacity, visit DHS – Building EIDBI provider capacity.

Service authorization and billing

For authorization and billing information, including provider and service limits, see:

Additional resources

EIDBI – EIDBI services
EIDBI – Clinical supervision

MHCP Provider Manual – EIDBI provider enrollment

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