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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)

The CBSM is a resource for lead agencies who administer home and community-based services that support older Minnesotans and people with disabilities. The Aging and Adult Services (AASD) and Disability Services (DSD) divisions publish guidance on and explanation of policy in the manual.

What’s new in the CBSM

The following are five recent updates in the CBSM. For a complete list of updates, see CBSM – What’s new.


Consumer safeguards

  • • CBSM comprehensive review for appeals page
  • • New appeals process and notice of action pages
  • For more information, see the Nov. 17, 2017, eList.


    Waiver programs

    Level of care

  • • Comprehensive review
  • • Added information about the Alternative Care program and the Elderly Waiver
  • 9/22/17

    Case management/care coordination

    Certified RSC-TCM private providers

  • • Added Amicable Case Management, Inc.
  • • Added Capital Health Services, LLC
  • • Updated Metro Care Human Services
  • 9/22/17

    Waiver programs

    Corporate foster care moratorium liaison contact list

    Updated contact information for:

  • • Big Stone County
  • • Cottonwood County
  • • Douglas County
  • • Grant County
  • • Lac qui Parle County 
  • • Lake County
  • • Renville County
  • • Traverse County
  • • Watonwan County
  • 8/31/17

    Waiver programs

    Moratorium on corporate foster care and community residential settings

    Added two additional exception options to the licensing moratorium effective Sept. 1, 2017.

    For more information, see the Aug. 31, 2017 eList announcement.

    AASD and DSD eLists

    For a complete list of recent AASD and DSD eLists, see:

  • DSD lead agency archive
  • DSD stakeholder archive
  • AASD lead agency archive.
  • To sign up for these eLists, see CBSM – DSD eLists and CBSM – AASD eLists.


    For training information, see:

  • DSD training news and information
  • Aging: training and conferences.
  • Quick links to policy initiatives

    For information about current policy intiatives and guidance, see:

  • CBSM – Employment
  • CountyLink – MnCHOICES
  • DHS – HCBS settings rule
  • DHS – Person-centered practices
  • Positive Supports Minnesota website
  • Resources

    Use these links to connect to AASD and DSD resources:

  • Disability and Aging PolicyQuest – search
  • Disability and Aging PolicyQuest – login and submit questions
  • DSD Regional Resources Specialists
  • DSD Response Center
  • MMIS Resource Center
  • For additional links to resources, see CBSM – Resources and consultation overview.


    For bulletins recently published by AASD, DSD and other DHS divisions, see DHS bulletins.

    Notify DHS of changes to contact information

    Email changes to lead agency contact information to the DHS Information Desk. DHS will update the DHS county and tribe information (PDF).

    Order printed DHS documents

    Counties, tribes, health care providers and others can order printed DHS documents the order fulfillment website.

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