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Minnesota Unitary Residency and Financial Responsibility Act

Page posted: 10/1/03

Page reviewed: 6/17/13

Page updated: 6/17/13

Legal Authority

Minn. Stat. §256G.01-.12


Minnesota Unitary Residency and Financial Responsibility Act: Rules about county residence that determine county of financial responsibility and county of service.


This act governs the Minnesota human services system:

  • • Community mental health center boards
  • • Contractors for any of these agencies
  • • County welfare agencies
  • • Department of Human Services
  • • Human service boards
  • • Local social services agencies
  • • State hospitals
  • • State nursing homes
  • Note: Effective 8/1/12, personal care assistant (PCA) services are no longer considered an excluded time service.


    County attorney
    Health Care Programs Manual
    , Chapter 13 - Click 13.25 County Residence - includes excluded time, county transfers and dispute resolution
    Request for Department Resolution of Financial Responsibility Dispute DHS-4457 (PDF)

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