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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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Introduction to Disability Services Division

Page posted: 10/1/03

Page reviewed: 4/11/13

Page updated: 4/11/13


The Disability Services Division is part of the Community Supports Administration in the Minnesota Department of Human Services. DSD manages publicly-funded programs that support people with a variety of disabilities, including:

  • • Acquired or traumatic brain injuries
  • • Chronic medical conditions
  • • Developmental disabilities
  • • Physical disabilities.
  • DSD also includes the HIV/AIDS Unit. The HIV/AIDS unit has insurance, drug reimbursement, dental, nutrition and case management programs to help Minnesotans with HIV/AIDS.

    DSD priorities

    DSD recognizes the importance of helping people live where they choose, with appropriate services that assure their health and safety. Priorities of the Disability Services Division focus on the CHOICE domains of a meaningful life:

    Community membership
    ealth, wellness and safety
    wn place to live
    mportant long-term relationships
    ontrol over supports
    mployment earnings and stable income

    DSD goals

    DSD goals support the need to invest in people, invest in communities and invest in outcomes. The following are goals of the division:

  • • Improve service and administration to increase access, consistency, transparency and accountability
  • • Provide access to the right service at the right time
  • • Provide accountability to/and improve quality
  • • Strengthen partnerships and collaboration
  • • Foster a shared vision and a culture of innovation
  • • Make person centered assessment and decision making the foundation of the service system (self-determination).
  • Additional resources

    DHS – Program overviews

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