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What information can I find on the DHS website?

The two major components of the DHS website are:

  • Home Page. DHS’ home page has links to key information, including “What’s new at DHS,” a calendar of events, a list of county human services offices, DHS employment opportunities, frequently asked questions, the newsroom, program contact numbers, an A to Z list of content and a site map.
  • Theme content. Besides the home page, other DHS theme areas are: About DHS, Aging, Partners and Providers, Children, Disabilities, Economic Supports, Health Care, Publications, Licensing and County and tribal workers (CountyLink). Each theme area has a home page with a “What’s new” section to highlight new content, related activities and events, etc.
  • About DHS
  • Advisory councils; department overview and history; mission, core values, priorities and principles; organization and management; terms and policy for the website.
  • Aging
  • Information about aging-related programs and services, including adult protection, home and community services, nursing homes, deaf and hard-of-hearing services, policy and research.

  • Partners and Providers
  • Information for Minnesota Health Care Programs enrolled providers and other providers or partners of human services programs.

  • Children
  • Information about programs and services for children, including adolescent services, adoption, child care, child protection, child support and foster care.

  • Disabilities
  • Information about programs and services for people with disabilities, including physical disabilities, hearing loss, chronic health conditions, developmental disabilities, mental illness, chemical dependency and HIV/AIDS.

  • Economic Supports
  • Information about programs and services for people transitioning to self-sufficiency, including financial assistance, food and nutrition assistance, child care assistance, child support services, housing, refugee services and employment services.

  • Health Care
  • Information about and applications for Minnesota’s four major publicly subsidized health care assistance programs.

  • Publications
  • Forms, news releases, fact sheets, brochures, reports, bulletins and manuals.

  • Licensing
  • Information about DHS licensed programs, providers, background studies, and maltreatment investigations.

  • County and Tribal Workers (CountyLink)
  • CountyLink is DHS’ site for county and tribal partners that administer programs funded through DHS. It is a ready resource for workers to access reference material, send questions to DHS staff and more. The County and Tribal Workers link is located in the green bar at the top of the page.

    How do I navigate the DHS website?

    Themes at the top of the page in the Green bar are the nine major areas of content.

  • Three-column format: The left column has major topics, the middle column features “what’s new” and other featured content, and the right side features links to related content on the site and to other sites.
  • Search. The search feature is always in the same place on every page. DHS image

  • Links to other sites. The link to North Star and links to other sites are always in the same places on every page.
  • Quick links. They provide visitors a quick way to get through the site to the most requested pages. Quick Links appear on the DHS public website home page and on all theme home pages.
  • • Language Links: These links to material in 11 languages appear on all theme home pages in the right-hand column.
  • A-Z Topics. A link to an alphabetical list of topics on the DHS website can be found on the green bar at the top of each page.
  • Do you have feedback about the DHS website?

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  • • More information about contact information for DHS services can be found on the Contact DHS page.
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