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Minnesota Department of Human Services ICF/DD Manual
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Admission to an ICF/DD

Page posted: 07/01/02

Page reviewed: 3/15/11

Page updated: 5/27/14

Legal Authority

42 CFR 456.360, 42 CFR 483.102, (iii) (B) (3), 42 CFR 483.106, 42 CFR 483.112, 42 CFR 483.114, 42 CFR 483.136, 42 CFR 483.440-480, Minn. Stat. §256B.092 and Minn. Stat. §256B.0926


To be eligible for admission to an ICF/DD, a person must:

  • • Have a preadmission screening by the county of financial responsibility
  • • Have an Individual Service Plan for the person that clearly identifies the needs and measurable goals that assure active treatment
  • • Meet level of care requirements
  • • Meet the definition of a person with a developmental disability or related condition
  • • Meet the definition of needing 24-hour active treatment
  • Admission Review Teams

    The admission review team is responsible to assure the ICF/DD provider can meet the person's needs before he or she moves to ICF/DD. At a minimum, the team includes the following people:

  • • One or more professionals from nursing, psychology, physical therapy or occupational therapy professions
  • • Qualified developmental disabilities professional
  • • Representative of county in which the provider is located
  • • Representative of the ICF/DD being considered for admission
  • In the absence of an admission review team, the interdisciplinary team may serve as the admission review team.


    The admission review team and/or interdisciplinary team are responsible to:

  • • Determine if the ICF/DD can provide or arrange for needed services
  • • Identify if ICF/DD staff require special training or skills and if the special training or skills needed will be accomplished by the potential admission date
  • • Review the person's needs identified in the Individual Service Plan and determine if community-based services are appropriate in place of admission to the ICF/DD
  • • Support that the recipient needs the level of services provided by the ICF/DD in the DD Screening Document DHS-3067 (PDF)
  • Emergency Admission

    If person is admitted to an ICF/DD in an emergency, the admission review team must review the person's admission within the first 14 days of placement in the ICF/DD.

    Process and Procedures

    1. The admission review team determines a person needs the level of care provided by an ICF/DD facility.
    2. The person applies for admission to the ICF/DD.
    3. The facility admissions team meets and accepts or denies admission of the person.
    4. Host county concurrence applies where appropriate.


    To meet federal requirements, ICFs/DD complete:

    The team must consider the following principles for admission:

  • • Person or their legal representative expresses a preference to receive the services of a particular ICF/DD
  • • Person or their legal representative is given service alternatives and choice among the alternatives
  • • Team determines in case of a ‘waiting list’ which recipient shall be offered services by first using this process
  • • Team determines that continuous active treatment will begin on admission
  • • Team determines the person meets the facility’s admission criteria
  • • Team determines the person's needs related to health and safety can be met on admission
  • The facility admissions team must document service planning, assessment information and review team decisions with the person in the Individual Service Plan.

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