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Occupancy Report

Page posted: 01/01/06

Page reviewed: 6/24/11

Page updated: 01/16/14

Legal Authority

Minn. Stat. §256B.5013, subd. 5


Occupancy report: Identification of bed use by recipients in an ICF/DD.


The ICF/DD Occupancy Report is required for the submission of occupancy data on a monthly basis for private pay residents only. Refer to the form for instructions on how to complete.


Print and complete the occupancy report (PDF) for each month a private pay resident is present at the ICF. E-mail to


Reference the Occupancy Report when processing ICF/DD claims for payment. DHS uses the occupancy report to verify hospital and therapeutic leave day payments.

A ‘reserved bed’ for leave days is not a vacant bed when determining occupancy rates and eligibility payments. Paid claims must match the occupancy data submitted.

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