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Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Minnesota law (M.S. 60K.365) requires both resident and non-resident accident/health insurance producers selling long-term care policies in Minnesota to complete a one-time, eight-hour Minnesota Long Term Care Partnership course and a four-hour refresher course every two years afterward. Producers can complete both courses as continuing education, which may be taken in either a classroom or interactive distance learning setting.

Minnesota law (M.S. 60K.365 subd. e) also requires that non-resident producers selling Minnesota Long Term Care Partnership policies must demonstrate knowledge about unique aspects of the Minnesota Medical Assistance system. Insurers offering Long Term Care Partnership products in Minnesota must maintain records verifying its nonresident producers have taken this required training and make that verification available to the commissioner upon request.

Producers can visit Sircon, the Department of Commerce’s training and licensing tool for a list of training sponsors. To view all Minnesota Long Term Care Partnership courses, select “Available Course Offerings” and “Minnesota.” Then choose from the course, Categories for the Long Term Care/Medical Assistance/Partnership Training:

• LTC/MA/PT – Classroom

• LTC/MA/PT – Company Sponsored

• LTC/MA/PT – Distance Learning

• LTC/MA/PT – Company Sponsored – Distance Learning

It is unlawful for a producer to sell any long-term care insurance, including Minnesota Long Term Care Partnership coverage, without completing the required training. For a full explanation, please review the bulletin issued on July 18, 2007 and the addendum issued in December 2007.

Insurers selling coverage

To sell Partnership coverage, insurers must have their policy filings certified by the State. To view this list, go to MinnesotaHelp.info® and search “Long Term Care Partnership insurance companies.”

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