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Minnesota Department of Human Services Mental Health Information System (MHIS) Manual
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Page Posted: 06/02/2014

Page Reviewed and Updated: 7/5/2016

Link to Chapter 1 - How the MHIS Manual is Organized PDF

1. How the MHIS Manual is Organized

About the manual

This Reporting Manual contains guidelines for reporting the mental health client-level data that conform to the confidentiality and privacy rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Compliance is observed through the use of non-protected health information (non-PHI) in data submission.

Reported data are used to inform the mental health National Outcome Measures (NOMS) covered under the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Mental Health Services’ 2010 Data Infrastructure Grant for Quality Improvement. The client-level data system is the Mental Health Information System (MHIS).

NOTE: The manual must be used in conjunction with federal rules and regulations, with Minnesota statutes and rules, and with the Mental Health Policy Manual.

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Reporting Requirements

3. Provider Contact Information

4. How to Report

5. Client Data Elements

5.1. Client Record

5.1.1. Provider Information

5.1.2. Client Demographic Information

5.1.3. Client Outcomes

5.1.4. Diagnostic Assessment & Substance Abuse Screening

5.1.5. LOCUS

5.1.6. DBT

5.1.7. Crisis

5.1.8. Health Indicators

5.2. Batch Submission Requirements

5.2.1. Record Layout

5.2.2. Text File Requirements

6. Reports

7. Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

About the Mental Health Information System

MHIS is a secure web-based reporting system that uses MN-ITS security system for web-access. All enrolled MHCP providers and billing agencies have secure access to MN-ITS. Grantees must complete a Data Sharing Agreement form.

MHIS provides two methods of reporting:

1. an individual web-based data entry (real-time) and

2. batch submissions of data (upload).

MHIS Reporting Requirements Contact Information

Adult Mental Health


(651) 431-2239 (P)

(651) 431-7566 (F)

MHIS & MN-ITS Technical Support Contact Information

MHCP Provider Call Center

(651) 431-2700 (P)

(800) 366-5411 (toll free)

Organization and Navigation

The most current version of the manual is the online version. This means it can be updated immediately and can offer links to other important material, whether on this or other government websites. This allows the manual to be comprehensive while remaining easy to navigate. If you choose to print the PDF version, regularly check the online version to check for updates.

The manual is divided into a number of sections, each with multiple subsections. Links to external information, for example, the MHIS Step-by-Step Instructions and MHIS Quick Sheet are included.


A list of terms and acronyms, with definitions, as reference material for those using the manual.


Familiarity with the guidelines contained in this manual is essential to ensure that all reporters use consistent reporting formats and data definitions. Providers are responsible for assuring that all staff and/or contractors involved in data collection, extraction, and submission of the client level data files addressed in this manual, comply with these guidelines.

The general framework for MHIS involves a compilation of the demographic, clinical, and outcomes of persons served by the agency within a 6-month period. Persons served include all clients who received publicly funded mental health services during the reporting period.

Who Should Read and Use this Manual?

It is recommended that this manual be provided to all agency staff and/or contractors involved in the collection, extraction, and submission of the client-level data files. Training in the use of this manual is highly recommended to all agency staff responsible for developing the provider data crosswalk, data extraction, and data file production.

The guidelines included in this manual cover the following important areas in data reporting:

  • • General Reporting Requirements
  • • Client Record
  • • Provider Information
  • • Reporting
  • • Client Data Element
  • Summary of Data Elements in the MHIS Data File


    Data Element

    Report Status at:


    New clients or Continuing clients

    Discharge or Discontinuance


    Placement Information - Client


    Client ID


    Date of Birth


    Client status

    Program / Treatment Status

    Legal Status


    Team Name *HWS grantees and ACT teams are required to create Team Code and Team Name.

    Optional for all other providers.


    Placement Information - Demographic








    County of Residence


    Reside on Reservation


    Tribal Enrollment



    Client Information - Outcome


    Residential Status

    Competitive Employment Status

    School Attendance/Education

    Criminal Justice Involvement

    Minor Children Status


    Veteran / Military Status



    Diagnostic Assessment – from last diagnostic assessment


    Axis I

    Axis II

    Axis III

    Axis V - GAF

    Substance Abuse Screening- Latest


    LOCUS Assessment – from last LOCUS assessment

    Required for services needing LOCUS scores

    LOCUS Composite Score

    LOCUS Assessment Date

    Level of Care/Service Match LOCUS


    DBT – from last BSL score

    Required for DBT services

    Borderline Symptom Score

    Suicide / Self-Harm

    School, Volunteer, & Employment

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