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Minnesota Department of Human Services Mental Health Information System (MHIS) Manual
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Page Posted: 06/02/2014

Page Reviewed and Updated: 7/26/2016

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5.2. Batch Record

Batch Record

  • • The text file is a comma delimited file that includes a header line and eighty-four (84) fields long and eighty-three (83) commas in each client status record. The client status record is an unduplicated data record within a single agency. This means each record corresponds to one person who has received services at that provider’s location.
  • • Use the code “Unknown” sparingly. Make sure to search for the most recent available status within the 30 days of the start date, anniversary date, and end date before assigning the code “Unknown.”
  • • The following pages provide information on Field Number, Field Length, Field Type, and Format. For additional information regarding the coding conventions and reporting guidelines for each data element report in the client information data set, refer to section 5.1.
  • • Reports are due at DHS by the 31st calendar day following the end of the six month reporting period; January 31st and July 31st.
  • • Agency may choose to Batch Upload on a monthly or quarterly base. Reports are due at DHS by the 31st calendar day following the end of the monthly or quarterly reporting period.
  • • Name the file as: NPI_MHIS_20110721.txt (comma delimited text)
  • • Remember to use all capital letters and date should be the date submitted
  • • File name can only be used once and the file has to have an extension of txt
  • • Batch Upload: 60 days edit feature:
  • • The MHIS system allows a client status records to be edited, via Real-time method, for up to 60 days after the submission date and the Completed Record value is “True”. Real-time and Batch client status records are automatically stamped with submission date, which is the date the client status records was created or uploaded. Also, Batch client status records are by default in a “True” value for the Completed Record field.
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