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Minnesota Department of Human Services Mental Health Information System (MHIS) Manual
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Page Posted: 06/02/2014

Page Reviewed and Updated: 7/26/2016

Link to 5.2.2 Text File Requirements PDF

5.2.2. Text File Requirements

Text File Upload Process

MHIS file upload process scans a text file in the following order:

1. Type/length

2. Field/row errors (required fields, valid values and duplicate status record)

3. Client ID with date of birth.

Text File Type

MHIS text file is a comma delimited file that includes a header line and eighty-four (84) fields long and eighty-three (83) commas in each client status record.

Blank fields must have no spaces between commas (,,) and multiple entry fields must have no space after the last value.

Text File Requirements

1. Provider data (taxonomy and zip code) must match DHS-Provider file, non-consolidated NPI number must leave these fields blank.

2. Header Record: Only one header record is reported per data file and should be submitted along with the rest of the client record.

• Example: YYYY_Timeperiod,NPI,Zip,Taxonomy.

• YYYY: four digit reporting year

• Time period 06 for reporting period January-June

• Time period 12 for reporting period July-December

• If the zip or taxonomy are not available, they can be left blank while including the commas.

3. All Client-level data fields are required except for the following fields which must be left blank when hierarchy rule applies:

• One of the three client ID fields must be completed (PMI, SMI, AMH ID);

• Clients cannot have AMH ID if they have PMI and/or SMI.

AMH ID cannot be filled when PMI and/or SMI is completed

PMI and SMI when AMHI is completed

• Client cannot have AMH ID and Payment Source = (1) Minnesota Health Care Programs

4. The following fields can be left blank:

End Date when Client Status field equals (01) – New Client or (02) – Continuing Client

Veteran Mental Health Services field when Veteran/Military Status field contain (1) - No or (9) – Unknown

Children age Range, Children reside with the client, and Children have Special Needs fields when Children under 18 years of age field contain (2) - No or (9) – Unknown

AXIS I, AXIS II, and AXIS III secondary and/or tertiary fields may be left blank if client has only one diagnosis, which has been reported.

LOCUS fields when Program/Treatment field does not contain (01) – ARMHS, (02) – ACT, (09) – Day Treatment, (14) – ICRS, (15) – IRTS, (18) – Partial Hospitalization, or (20) – Rule 79 Case Management (MH-TCM)

DBT fields when Program/Treatment field does not contain (11) – DBT IOP or (12) - DBT Individual Therapy Only value

CRISIS fields when Program/Treatment field does not contain (08) – Crisis Residential, (23) – Crisis Assessment, (24) – Crisis Intervention, or (25) – Crisis Stabilization

Health Indicator fields when Program/Treatment field does not contain (02) ACT or the 10x10 optional data fields does not contain (1) Yes

Text File Duplicate

Duplicate status record error will be based on Client ID (PMIN, SMI, or AMHI), Client Status, and Start Date combination.

Text File Valid Values

See Client Data Elements section

Text File Client Identification Validation

PMI/SMI client identification validation with Date of Birth field

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