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Minnesota Department of Human Services Mental Health Policy Manual
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Page Posted: 05/2012

Page Reviewed: 08/2014

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Minnesota Online Mental Health Services Manual

For Adult and Children's Mental Health

Table of Contents

How the Manual is organized

  • About the Manual
  • Organization and Navigation
  • Abbreviations and Definitions
  • Outline of Manual Chapters and Sections

    Common Elements of Chapter 7 - Services


    How the manual is organized

    About the Manual

    Minnesota’s public mental health for adults and children is a state supervised, county administered system. Services are based on various federal and state rules, regulations, policies and procedures. About 600 public and private agencies provide services. The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Online Mental Health Services Manual is a reference tool for both new providers—whether individuals or members of an agency—as well as for experienced providers. The information provided is meant to further enhance the information found in the MHCP Provider Manual.

    NOTE: The manual must be used in conjunction with federal rules and regulations, with Minnesota statutes and rules, and with the MHCP Provider Manual.

    Organization and Navigation

    The manual is offered in an online format only. This means it can be updated immediately and can offer links to other important material, whether on this or other government websites. This allows the manual to be comprehensive while remaining easy to navigate.

    The manual is divided into a number of chapters, each with multiple subsections. Links to external information, for example, the MHCP Provider Manual and Minnesota rules and statutes are included. A helpful list of abbreviations and acronyms, with definitions, is listed below for your reference.

    Abbreviations and Definitions

    We have provided a list of abbreviations and a list of definitions as reference material for those using the manual.

    Outline of Chapters and Sections

    Currently not all of the Chapters and sections are available.

  • Chapter 1: Overview of Manual
  • Chapter 2: Mission and Values of the MH System
  • Chapter 3: Public Mental Health Delivery System
  • • Chapter 4: Consumers/Accessing MH Services
  • • Chapter 5: Providers and Provider Requirements
  • Chapter 6: Common practice elements for Service Framework
  • Chapter 7: Community Based Services
  • Chapter 8: Integrated Dual-Disorder Treatment (IDDT)
  • • Chapter 9: Children’s Residential Services
  • • Chapter 10: Acute Care Services
  • • Chapter 11: Legal process Related to mental health
  • • Chapter 12: MHCP Information
  • • Chapter 13: Funding Sources
  • • Chapter 14: Links to other Programs/Legal Considerations
  • Common elements of Chapter 7 - Services

    For chapter 7, Services, each service type has the following sections.

  • • Scope
  • • Eligible recipients
  • • Delivery
  • • Eligible providers
  • • Documentation and Monitoring
  • Disclaimer

    Although DHS has made reasonable efforts to assure that the contents of this manual are both accurate and up to date, DHS cannot be responsible for matters beyond its scope or level of detail, provider implementation of information, or future developments.

    The manual is not intended to provide legal, financial, ethical or clinical advice. Providers are responsible for seeking professional advice, as appropriate, to operate their business.

    This information is available in other forms to people with disabilities by calling (651) 431-2321. TTY/TDD users can call Minnesota Relay at 711 or (800) 627-3529. For Speech-to-Speech Relay, call (877) 627-3848.

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