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Minnesota Department of Human Services MN–ITS User Manual
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1095-B File Instructions for Servicing Agencies

Date: 12-29-2015

Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) sends 1095-B data files to the MN–ITS mailbox of each servicing agency. The Excel file contains information that was reported on each Form 1095-B, for cases that are assigned to that servicing agency. Each agency will receive the following two types of files:

  • • The original file, which includes all of the forms that were generated in the initial run. This file includes only original forms.
  • • Weekly corrections files, which include any corrected forms that are generated that week. This file will also include any original forms that are generated for members that did not receive a 1095-B in the initial run.
  • Refer to this user guide for the following information regarding the file:

  • MN–ITS user access
  • Locating the file in your MN–ITS mailbox
  • Considerations for Secure FTP file transfer
  • MHCP Recommendations
  • MN–ITS User Access

    If you do not have access to MN–ITS or the Miscellaneous Received mailbox, contact your organization’s MN–ITS Primary Administrator to request a user account and access to Provider Data Share in the User Access options for Mailbox Folders.

    Locating the file in your MN–ITS mailbox

    Use the following instructions to locate the 1095-B file in your MN–ITS mailbox:

  • 1. Log in to MN–ITS
  • 2. Select Miscellaneous Received, under Mailbox
  • Picture of the MN–ITS Mailbox home page with an arrow pointing to the miscellaneous received option.

  • 3. Enter the date or range of dates when you received the document
  • 4. Select the RECIPIENTFILE file type
  • 5. Select Search
  • Picture of the miscellaneous received mailbox with boxes highlighting the start date, end date and recipientfile selections. An arrow points to the search button.

  • 6. Locate the file from the list (file name includes 1095-B)
  • Picture of the miscellaneous received mailbox with a box highlighting the 1095-B file selection.

    Considerations for Secure FTP file transfer

    Some agencies use a Secure FTP connection to receive files from the MN–ITS mailbox servers. If your agency uses a Secure FTP process, contact your IT staff to discuss any adjustments that may be needed to retrieve 1095-B files. For more questions about setting up an FTP connection, IT staff can contact the MHCP Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411, and ask to be directed to the EDI Tier 2 group.

    MHCP Recommendations

    User Access
    MN–ITS access is most likely designated to a few staff members in your agency. Whether you use Secure FTP or direct MN–ITS access to retrieve the 1095-B data files, we recommend you download and place the file somewhere in a shared location on your network. Any worker you designate can then access and view the file from that location.

    Combining Data
    After the original data file, we will send subsequent files which will only contain new data for forms generated in the weekly correction runs. These subsequent files cannot be used as a full replacement for the original or any previous files. We recommend that your agency develop a single spreadsheet or database to merge incoming data on subsequent files with data on the original and previous files.

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